Who We Are

Golden light roots go back to more than 25 years ago, where we served the Egyptian market through our company that was established 1998. It grew up as an independent stocking distributor of steel conduit, fittings and accessories. Since then, we have supplied both domestic and international clients in the most efficient and economical way. In this capacity.

We supply International Standard electrical material such as steel conduits and fittings, lighting, grounding, steel and weatherproof boxes and covers, control stations, switchgear, plugs and receptacles, for both ordinary and hazardous locations.

Our Choice Products


We Are Wheatland distributor in Egypt Galvanized steel Tube as per NEC, ANSI and UL specifications, Wheatland covers all required sizes


We Are Smartube distributor in Egypt Galvanized steel Tube as per NEC, ANSI and UL specifications, Smartube covers all required sizes

Ega Tube

We Are Ega tube Authorized Distributor in Egypt Ega Tube UPVC Conduits and fittings provide a wide range of Conduits, fittings,

King steel

We Are King Steel distributor in Egypt King steel manufacture cable support system Cable Trays, Cable ladder, Cable Trunk & Supporting


Belden instrumentation & Process cables are offered under the brand name of “MESC Insto”which comes with flexible copper conductors, Data


Furse Earthing material, connectors, joints, earth bars, welding molds, Weld metal, etc to satisfy the requirements of the Earthing system. Download


AXIS Brass Cable Gland product range offers users solutions that are designed and manufactured for fast assembly and reliable performance.


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